Official name: Stichting van Empel Goldman Foundation

According to article 2 of the articles of association the foundation aims on increasing opportunities for underprivileged children and to increase their life standard. This contains securing access to: good education, good healthcare and sufficient nutrition.

Policy plan:

Policy plan 2017-2018

Annual report:

Annual report 2017-2018

Project Proposals: 

2018/001 Getting Along With Garbage

2018/002 Sekolah Master Indonesia

2018/003 Journey to Indonesia

2019/001 Journey to Indonesia

2019/002 Happy English

2019/003 Getting Along With Garbage

2020/001 COVID-19


Irenelaan 25
3761 BL
The Netherlands

RSIN/Tax number:


The board members do not receive any compensation for their work. They work on a voluntary basis. The foundation does not have employees.


Board members:
Our board consists of three committed board members. Sander Goldman is the father of founder Casper Goldman and Marcel van Empel is the father of founder Isabelle van Empel: