Getting along with garbage

“Getting along with Garbage” (or Berkawan Dengan Sampah) is a 6-month program together with 50 students of 4th and 5th grade. The primary goal of the program is to create awareness around the environment, resource usage and waste. We want to show the students with practical work how to reuse, reduce and recycle; to minimize resource use. Other goals we intend the students to learn is: healthy living, hygiene, sorting and recycling of waste, waste as a resource (make new products). We will focus on food-compost and plastic. In addition we will learn the kids how to use the compost as nutrition for the plants.


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If you wish to donate to this project choose ‘getting along with garbage’ in the donation form. 

Read more about this project in the project plan:

Project plan Getting along with garbage

Additionally we donated to this school during our 2018 journey to Indonesia, therefore the financial report of that journey, which includes the donation to this school can be found below:

Financial report SD 3 Karangtengah