Pesantren Budaya Indonesia

Pesantren Budaya Indonesia is an Islamic Boarding school in Depok (A city attached to Jakarta). Pesantren Budaya Indonesia houses children from various backgrounds including students coming from the lower classes. Last year Pesantren Budaya Indonesia had declared to be in need of more advanced English education. We visited Pesantren Budaya Indonesia with meals and we sat down with a group of students having a casual chat in English while enjoying the food. After these chats the youth ambassadors played soccer with the boys and  played games with the girls. We brought and donated the soccer balls and toys ourselves. We are currently recruiting volunteers in Indonesia to teach English at this school, because we believe English opens the door to a wider world. The video below displays our visit to this school:

The financial report of our journey to Indonesia includes the report on this donation and can therefore be found below:

Financial report Pesantren Budaya Indonesia